COURT.LY CHANGES THE FACE OF MODERN FIRST DATES is a concept dating app that helps a predominately male audience plan the perfect first date. It's based in major cities, and takes your location, dating preferences, and other parameters in order to recommend innovative date ideas. The app connects to various APIs such as Google Maps, OpenTable, Fandango, and Yelp to provide all the necessary tools to plan everything right from your phone.

As the user interacts with the app, an adaptive system will aggregate user preferences in order to recommend dates tailored to the user. After you've carefully planned your date, will create an interactive itinerary that can be emailed, shared, or printed. The user can edit events, make reservations, buy tickets, or perhaps read reviews about different activities.

Branding: Ali LaBelle
Strategy: Akhila Bhoopalam

digital strategy // user experience // visual design // product design