St. Joseph Hoag Health is the largest regional medical provider in Orange County. This private organization is a pioneering expert in health, but also in overall wellness. The client requested a 4D concept for new “Wellness Corner” extensions: miniature doctor’s offices located in major business parks and residential areas.

Our team developed the experience with a 5-senses approach. How can we create a positive experience in a doctor’s office? Modeled after yoga studios and meditation centers, we designed an interior space that takes away all the anxiety-inducing elements of a doctor’s office. Gone are the days of that anti-bacterial scent, brown carpet floors, plastic chairs, and fluorescent lighting. The interiors were clean, bright, and modern, featuring natural textures and contemporary furniture.

The most unique integration was the digital experience. We designed a simple, easy to use app and website for users to make appointments, check in, get doctor’s notes, and more. This system personalizes the whole experience for the user. As they enter the doors, a geofence will automatically check the user in, if they have an appointment. Screens greet individuals by name, and provide information about their visit after the appointment. This concept is an exciting step into the future of health and wellness.

Creative Direction: Brian Desautel
Copywriting: Cheryl Elizaga

advertising strategy // user experience // visual design